Why is marketing your web site important

The best looking website is only good to your business if people can find it.  Thats is where online marketing comes in. Some of the marketing will be incorporated into the design such as Search engine optimisation. Others such as link management can be useful later to improve site rankings and viewer numbers.

Search Engine Submission

In order to be listed on the search engines and directories your details will need to be submitted. This is a manual process and does take some time. We can submit your website to both New Zealand's major directories and international ones like google and yahoo.

Search Engine Optimisation

In order for search engines to find your site certain key words and phrases will need to be included in the text that can be found on your site. This text can be found in Meta Tags, Alt Tags image tags, main body text, Heading etc. We first identify the best Key words and phrases for your industry. We then incorporate this into the main pages of your website. This is not a quick process but will reviewed each month for 3 months.

Google Maps

This is a great tool for all websites. We can submit your website so that it is displayed on google maps when key words are searched for. Example Taupo fly fishing. Those website listed with the keywords Taupo fly fishing will show up on the map.

Link Management

Search engines also look at the popularity of your site. How they govern this is by the quality of links to your site. It is important how your site is titled on these sites and the rank of the sites that link to your site. We will contact prospective sites requesting and request link partnerships. This is a process that can take some time. This is less important than it used to be but if you are in a very competitive market then this could make the difference.